It’s All About The Vibe


Everything in the world is a multitude of vibrations singing their own song. With most things the vibration is humming along in concert with the humans around them. Humans however, have the ability to raise and lower their frequencies by what they think, what they eat, how they perceive life’s events and how they treat everything in their world. When people live more consciously regarding the cup as half full rather than half empty, they can affect the vibration of those around them and the environment.

Your Influence On Your Surroundings

Plants and flowers flourish in a happy garden, not one that is cursed for the weeds and the amount of labor it takes for its upkeep. So too, can you affect your neighbors, your neighborhoods and everything around yourself. Crime rates can drop, the friendly nature can grow and spread and there can be a greater sense of community. It doesn’t have to wait for a tragic disaster to happen to bring the community together. It can all happen with vibration.

Manifesting Your Dreams

By thinking kind and positive thoughts it can rid your energy field of vibrations that are incompatible with your true nature. This clears the path for more efficient manifestation. Using your intent to make your good wishes known to the Universe not only benefits you but everything around you, including that paint factory down the road that is dumping toxins into the river. By benefiting you, you are blessing and benefiting others because they subconsciously pick up the vibe and are influenced by it. When others pick up your vibration, it makes your vibration stronger and together you are manifesting each other’s dreams. That is how love grows.

Manifesting – Manifesting With Your Instincts


Those living in Nature have a built-in radar. They can feel everything around them and their instincts kick in quite clearly. Unfortunately urbanization has dulled the instincts of most people because of the intensity of energies found there. People tend to turn off hyper-awareness and even ignore gut feelings as a general rule. These gut feelings are signaling you to pay attention. Many a missed opportunity has floated away because of not paying attention to the subtle communication channels that the inner You sends you.

If you want that awesome life you’ve been wishing for, you need to stop your frenetic rushing and pay attention to what can bring your manifestations to life. Your reality is filled with subtle hints and some very obvious messages you tend to just rush past and those gut feelings you’ve been discounting are only glimmerings of what is possible. Manifesting is a simple process. You don’t need to make it more complicated than it is. With focus, attention and intent, anything is possible.

Manifesting – Manifesting Awesomeness


Your perception of how awesome you can be depends totally on your beliefs. So many programs and tape recording of what you do or don’t believe have been hammered into you, sometimes by yourself. Negative head talk does it every time. One thing you need to realize is that you came here to contribute something very valuable that lots of people would be grateful for. Trying to fight your way out of the jumble of confusion inside you can seem like an awesome task. It is very simple however and it comes down to your intent. You can change on a dime and your intent will dissolve whatever you choose to let go of. Do you want to feel unfulfilled and unhappy until the end or do you want to create a better reality for yourself?

Feeling hopeless and helpless is normal when you are constantly in a negative head space or you are constantly in the company of negative people, especially those that shower you with negative beratement. “It is my intent to empty my energy field of all negativity.” By using your intent in a consistent and persistent way, you change your course from negative to more positive.

Depending on your age, it could be like turning a super tanker. It takes a while. I know because I was a late bloomer getting tossed around by life a lot. It time to discover your awesomeness and show it to the world. Are you with me?

Manifesting Through Easter


Everywhere Easter is celebrated around the world in its various forms and the miracle of bringing something physical and material like the body of Jesus from the spiritual realm back into the physical one is very special in most peoples eyes. The miracle of manifesting is like that. Any time you can move anything from another realm into this one, it strikes awe and wonder in people and the story gets passed on for centuries and is celebrated widely.

Jesus was a very special person, no one can deny that, but so are you. You manifest every day, sometimes on a smaller scale, sometimes on a bigger scale depending on the moment. Quarks, the sparks of possibilities are popping in and out of reality every millisecond and if you attach to the right ones, they become probabilities and pop into your life. With faith, focus and some time, you would be amazed at what you can do. Some things are almost instant, some take days and some take years. All you have to do is be consistent in your efforts and you will be rewarded.

Take the opportunity this Easter to decide what miracles you want to appear in your life and get ready for the ride of your life. It is not as hard as you think. I wonder what would happen if Jesus was standing before you and you told Him you couldn’t do it?

Manifesting – Manifesting To Quit?

Whatever life puts in front of you is put there to challenge you to become more than you are. It is a test to see how gutsy you are and how long you will do something until you give up. Mind you some things like your bad habits you will continue no matter what because they are familiar. They aren’t necessarily comfortable but they have been around for a while so you let them hang out. It’s odd however that some stuff that is hard but not as hard as your habits you quit. Continue reading Manifesting – Manifesting To Quit?

Manifesting -What Manifesting Really Is

Manifesting is much more than wishful ‘thinking’. Yes you have to really focus and decide what you want but there is an active phase where you need to take physical steps in this physical reality to affect the energy enough to make the possibility of what you want a probability. The wild card in this whole process is time. If your cup is full of all kinds of energetic junk, you have to dump some of it out to make room. It takes time to notice what behaviors, attitudes, thoughts and habits you have that keep you in unhealthy holding patterns and then once you recognize them, do something to change them for the better. Continue reading Manifesting -What Manifesting Really Is