Emotion-The Fuel Of Creativity and Vision

A lot of people don’t like to show emotion. They think it makes them look weak. What they don’t know is that emotion is  what carries your “vision” into physical reality. What’s my vision you ask? Good question. Your vision is what you like to do that gives you a sense of fulfillment. In the beginning, it doesn’t necessarily take away or replace your J.O.B., although some people wish it would. Vision usually encompasses something “big picture” like supplying computers in a school for underprivileged kids or providing clean water for a rural village. It can even be bigger than that. The scope is only as limited as your imagination. You might want to lead your country to change the course of history.

If you tend to be a big dreamer, you are one step ahead of the rest of the population. Most people don’t even know what makes their heart sing. Sadly, some people don’t know what happiness is either. Life just is. Those people have large quantities of foreign energy in specific places in the fields within their energy field that needs to be removed by an expert intuitive. To find joy and fulfillment is the ultimate quest of every human. Sometimes it takes a lot of digging to find it buried deep inside as the consciousness tries to protect what it feels is sacred and precious.

You will only succeed with your vision to the extent that you are clear and if thinking about your vision fills you with passion. The only way to make your vision real is to fall in love with it from start to finish. A vision will succeed if it is compelling enough to engage you fully and draws others to you that see the nature of your vision.

I know, the rational, logical people out there are convinced that they would never make a decision based on emotion. Your emotional involvement is based on how strongly you feel about the decision you are making being reasonable, rational and logical. You don’t have to be filled with the gushy, soft, or even strong emotions to make an emotional decision.

Emotion is one of our greatest motivators. It is a gentle prodding from our Spirit to move us in a particular direction based on new lessons we could learn or new experiences that could excite us. Every thought that you can lace with emotion becomes a new seed that you plant in the garden of your unconscious mind. That seed, fed by your emotions will grow to the extent that it is nourished by your mindful repetition, faith, belief and dedication.

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