What has the law of Attraction got to do With Energy?

CONSISTENTLY BRING TO MIND WHATEverything in the physical universe can be traced back to energy. If you look at your hand, you see skin, fingernails, flesh and it all moves as your body wills it to. You don’t even have to think about it. So what’s inside your hand? All kinds of cells, right? Those cells are made of molecules which are made of atoms which are whizzing around in constant motion. The sub-atomic particles that make up the very basic part of you are energy in constant motion.

Everything you see is the same, it is all energy, combined in different ways to make up what your sensory organs pick up and interpret. Science has proven decades ago that energy attracts other energy like itself. This is the basis of the law of attraction. Misery attracts more misery. Everything you think, say and do attracts more like itself. So if things in your life aren’t going so well, it is a result of what you thought before this moment.

In order for the law of attraction to work for you, you have to be consistent in changing your thoughts for the more positive, constructive thoughts so that your reality swings in that direction and stays there.

When it is swinging back and forth following the thought of the moment, the energy is preparing to swing in the very direction of your thought. In addition, what you focus on has a great influence on what you think, which manifests sometime in your future.

You will notice some things manifest very quickly, like when someone you know comes to mind and within a few minutes the phone rings and it’s them. Some things I have decided will be a part of my life have taken ten years to manifest, some have taken fifteen. But, some took a few months, some a few days and others a few years. It all depends how much junk is in the way of my consistent thought. Mind chatter and self-talk can be very persistent in blocking what we want. And, if you decide you want to be a millionaire, for example, your self-talk will tell you its impossible for a while until you give up or focus on something else.

Using the law of attraction in your life only works when like energy coming from your mind, attracts other like energy to it. Get yourself clear about what you want, use your intent to be very clear and disciplined in your thoughts and you cannot fail to manifest what you really want into your life.

The Science Behind Manifestation


Many physicists, some of them Nobel Prize Winners have shown indisputable evidence that everything physical is derived from an infinite sea of energy. Nothing is fixed, it is ever flowing, ever changing. Curiously enough, science has proven that our thoughts are the stimulus that rearranges the various vibrations of energy into the physical world that we see. Collectively, the human race has agreed on certain manifestations such as ‘the sky is blue.’ These thoughts are cemented into beliefs in some instances.

Take the beliefs about your life, for example. You believe your life is a certain way and certain things are just the way they are. You go along day after day, not knowing that somewhere inside you a program is running in the background that repeats your beliefs. If your subjective reality is created by dancing, joyful, playful energy that is ever changing and can be changed by simply changing your thoughts, your awareness of this scientific fact alone, can have huge ramifications in your life if you so choose.

The obvious question is ‘how do you change your thought to fit the reality you are seeking?’ In other words, how do you get what you really want? Well, you are manifesting all the time. Everything your parents parroted to you that they learned from their parents is like hard lumps in your energy field and that is what is manifesting twenty-four-seven in your life. Those lumps are like thoughts that are stuck there and they can be dissolved by other thoughts that are more persistent than the ones stuck in your energy field. So the old saying, ‘change your thoughts and change your life’ has actually been scientifically proven.

Because conscious manifestation is not your expertise, (although subconscious manifestion is), lets try a simple exercise. Think of something simple that you would like to see in the next day or so, such as finding a feather, or a penny on the ground. Be watchful and observant over the next two days looking for it. As you are observing, your subconscious thought is changing from ‘this is never going to work,’ to ‘I really want this to work.’ It may take you a couple of tries, but if you really want to change your life, you need to start small, changing habits and thoughts one step at a time. Let me know if you found your penny in the comments below and get ready for an ever changing life for the better.

What Stops Manifestation of What you Want

IF YOU BELIEVE YOU ARE WORTHLESSIn past posts I’ve talked a lot about your intent. It is one of the strongest forces in the universe to get things done. It is also one of the strongest forces to move what is blocking you from manifesting more positive things, rather than the negative. So what happened? You don’t have what you want so what’s the deal?

Its really not as complicated as it sounds. Over lifetimes, you have picked up all kinds of beliefs, discovered power and control over others, been manipulated yourself and a whole pile of other happenings. It is all designed for you to experience what its like to be all that you can possibly be. Look at the current events in the world. Others are going through that process now – on one side or the other.

Through that process you may have made a remark that you wish your poverty would end. In another life, it did, but you used your money to gain power, hurt others or even be miserly with it. In the end you may have experienced remorse and declared you would never do that again. To make sure, you decided you didn’t want to have lots of money anymore just to be sure. That, too is stuck in your subconscious and your energy field.

You may have been abused or suffered greatly at the hands of others. They told you that you deserved it and you believed them. Today, you still may subconsciously believe you deserve to suffer because it’s stuck in your energy field.

Whatever you have experienced in the past is stuck in your energy field and you can use your intent repeatedly to diminish it. It takes time and lots of repetition but it is very possible to get rid of it. It took me over five years to undo the damage done to me by my father but I was determined never to repeat a life where I was abused again.

Using your intent is all about making statements to yourself without watching yourself and with as little emotion as possible. It’s like asking someone to pass you the salt. Here are some sample statements you can use to be more efficient at manifesting what you want.

It is my intent to remove from my energy field, everything that is preventing me from having a loving relationship.

It is my intent to remove from my energy field, all beliefs and ideas that I need to be poor.

It is my intent to remove from my energy field, the belief that I am worthless.

It is my intent to remove from my energy field, my fear of dogs.

It is my intent to remove from my energy field, my belief that I can’t get a good job.

You see, the first part of the statement is the same in all of them. It is the last part that you customize to your own situation. If you don’t know what’s wrong or you can’t define it clearly, make a statement like the following.

It is my intent to remove from my energy field, everything that opposes my happiness and well-being. Or, it is my intent to remove from my energy field, whatever is blocking the manifestations I welcome into my life.

Let’s sweep the house clean so your manifestations can come to you the way they should.

Manifesting – Manifesting Is More Than Thinking What You Want

Everything is vibration. Some vibrations facilitate flow for what is more pleasant in life, some plug it up and bring more drama and chaos. What you say, think, eat and drink, where you go, what you do, the music you listen to, who you hang out with, how you act and how truthful you are all contribute to the vibe you create that your manifestations ride on.

Movie theaters, clubs,pubs and bars are fabulous places to pick up spooky vibes. They hang off the ceilings just waiting for the right opportunity to drop on you and do their thing. Every time you have sex with someone, you exchange energetic garbage, so if you have multiple sex partners, look out! The party life, the high rolling life and the rotating bedroom life all cost in some way that the universe will start to collect in a future moment.

Those energies in a spiritual sense will sabotage your efforts to create a meaningful uplifting life. You will create an energetic jungle full of dangerous and unpredictable vibration that will act out in your energy field and start manifesting in your world in ways you will not like.

So to change your life by manifesting what you really want, not the random chaos that is acting out in your energy field, you need to realize you cannot row a boat during a storm. It is an exhausting and futile effort. So you need to quiet the storm of energies acting out in your energy field by changing how you live in the world. Then you need to clean your energetic house using your intent and your will. As the energetic storms clear, there are clearer and clearer pathways to think your manifestations into reality.

You will feel better, your health will improve, your mind will quiet and you will be much happier, but make no mistake. Manifesting is not for the weak. It takes work, patience and persistence. Some of your friends may scoff at what yoy wantto do, some may leave you and some may join you. Band together and start a group to support each other. Never give up and you will be rewarded. It is the inevitable way the universe works!

Why Manifesting Effectively Is Important For Your Well-Being


It has been said over and over again that unless life has purpose, there is very little meaning to anything. Certainly some things like love have their place but personal fulfillment goes a long way to sustaining the drive that gives life its spark, and that includes love. Personal fulfillment is an expression of self-love that definitely feeds the soul. That expression is that genuine something inside you that is constantly guiding you in every moment if we can only wait and listen for it. It is our compass, our path and our only true guide. If we don’t look for it, sit still long enough or genuinely seek it, we will just be at the ends of strings that are pulled by someone else, just like a puppet.

Self-love is the fuel that causes the passion for life to burst forth and the reason you should learn to manifest effectively. It should also be the reason you exercise – because you love your body, not hate it, and the reason you eat to support your health not destroy it.

You see, happenings in your life start out as energetic quarks which are possibilities that can turn into probabilities. They pop in and out of existence randomly until a probability is certain. Your thoughts have a huge influence on whether a possibility becomes a probability then a certainty. This random nature can also show up in your thoughts. That is why being very careful what and how you think and where you allow your mind to wander is a very wise idea.

Mostly what manifests in your life is driven by your subconscious mind. It is what bubbles up to the surface of your awareness, especially when your emotions run high. Sometimes it even stays on the surface of your awareness, constantly tormenting you and when you focus on it, it starts appearing in your life. It can even keep repeating and it is driven by your emotions. Now, if you develop strategies to change the focus, you can slowly switch what you don’t like into what you do.

Strategy #1
Thoughts are things that can be thrown in the energetic trash bin as easily as you throw away yesterday’s garbage. Visualize throwing those thoughts away as you resist and reject them along with your fears.


Repetition is Key. The superhighway that those thoughts travel on didn’t happen over night, nor will it disappear over night. It takes time and work to dismantle it.

Strategy #3

Your intent is one of the strongest driving forces in the Universe. Use it wisely to focus on what you really want and diligently to get rid of what you don’t.

Strategy #4

Read the fine print. Know when you want something you will get the whole package, not just the nice parts.

Strategy #5

Attachment = Suffering. Yoga states this very clearly. Be sure of what you really what without being attached to the outcome. One of my clients wanted a relationship so badly. He saw her in his mind and kept focusing on her and pleading with the Universe for her arrival. Sure enough, one day she appeared. He was ecstatic but desperate for the relationship to work but he soon discovered that she was the bitch from hell. Because of his huge attachments it took months of suffering to finally remove her from his life.

Strategy #6

Focus on one thing at a time. The Universe likes speed and simplicity. If you have a fear of what may be lurking in your basement then only focus on dissolving and releasing the one fear. Don’t throw in other fears or wants at the same time. It will diffuse the energy and it will take longer to see any results. “It is my intent to dissolve and release my fear of what is in my basement” can be your mantra for a while.

Strategy #7

Never give up. Determination and focus pays off. You don’t know how many layers of goo lie between you and success. Remember you are building new superhighways to your fulfillment.

Feeling fulfilled improves your disposition, your health, your motivation and your creativity. Not only that, it gives life purpose beyond the daily grind. Even the most mundane of days has a new sparkle because you are consciously creating it. With a few successes under your belt, you manifest from sheer joy, not sorrow, shame or whatever, and you are no longer a victim of your subconscious creations.

A Gift For You


There is a wonderful 30 day prosperity program available for free on Amazon if you are interested. You can find it here It talks about the principles of manifesting and manifestation using the Law of Attraction. It takes you step by step every day. Only takes five minutes a day to bring you constructive habits to have a better life. I don’t know how long it is going to be free, so you might as well get on it now.

Finding Our Spiritual Nature


We live in such a diverse world, some if it is wonderful and some of it is not. It is unfortunate that there is a lot in this world that lives in that *not so wonderful place.* However it got there is in the past and in this now moment is irrelevant but being able to move out of the dross and the terrible is a good tool to have regardless of how and where you live your life.

Life starts with energy and it is the qualities of the energies within and surrounding us that determine the course and quality of our lives. So what happens if your life is filled with unfortunate circumstances? How do you lift yourself out of the dark place in which you find yourself?

The answer lies in meditation. Meditation allows us to separate our busy mind and body from the stillness and surety of our Spirit. Many times we cannot commune with our Spirit because of the noise of life. All we feel immersed in is the noise. Our Spirit nourishes, guides and renews us when we can get clearly in touch with it and out of the noise.

When we can sit in a quiet environment with our backs straight, we can calm our minds using various techniques and get in touch with our Spirit. It is a beautiful and moving experience that many people look forward to every day. Many people get insights of various sorts, including why they are here. Meditation helps calm the storm of misfortune and lift the sadness and loneliness that plagues a lot of people.

One of the simplest techniques for meditation is to sit with your eyes closed and your back straight and just observe your breath. Relax, breathing slowly and deeply and observe the in and out action. When your mind wanders or presents you with irrelevant thoughts, just bring your attention back to your breath. As your mind quiets you will feel a tremendous sense of peace and contentment. Once you get to this place you will start to get insights from your higher self that can lead you to some amazing adventures if you listen and act. This is where the Law of Attraction becomes truly magical.

Learning To Meditate On Abundance


Meditation is a great tool to bring focus and clarity to your world. The meditation I am going to describe here is an open-eyed meditation where you focus on a mandala carrying the vibration of abundance while you concentrate on something you want in your life.

To master open-eyed meditation, it is recommended that you only focus on one thing at a time and keep in mind if you want a multi-million dollar lottery win, for example it is going to take quite a while to clear the path through your emotional clutter to create the momentum to bring it to you. You will probably need more concentrated focus over a number of months and perhaps years to bring it close enough to you. To avoid creating an abundance of discouragement, you would be wise to focus on things that are more attainable over a shorter period of time.

An open-eyed abundance meditation is like day dreaming only it is more focused. Let’s imagine you are wanting to get a cat. Fasten the abundance mandala to the wall at eye level when you are sitting. Sit as close to the wall, facing the abundance mandala as you need to to see the detail of it.Take a few slow deep breaths so you can settle and feel calm. Now, see in your mind’s eye what kind of cat you want. Is it a kitten, a grown cat? What color is it, or do you care? Focus your imagination on holding your cat, loving it, feeding it and cuddling it, all while looking at the abundance mandala with focused attention.

The abundance mandala has been specially designed to hold and magnify the energy and vibration of abundance. It is hand drawn in a focused meditative state so as to create the most efficient channel to this reality. It is a very useful tool to create the environment and material things that you enjoy and want in your life. When you use the abundance mandala as the doorway to bring a cat into your life, you now need to be focused and alert to avenues through which your can will arrive. It could be a private exchange with someone, it could be a cat rescue organization, the SPCA or an abandoned cat that just comes to you. However the cat comes, it is how it was meant to be.

Use the abundance mandala as a powerful tool to bring more enjoyment into your life but be careful as disharmonious thoughts and actions will also magnify with the mandala such as if you decide to take it without paying for it. Likewise, if you have a lot of negative thoughts while having the abundance mandala in your living space, I encourage you to let them go and let the mandala bring what is good to you by focusing on the good and the enjoyment and it will be yours.


The Universe And You


The Universe is a seething cauldron of energy, combining, re-combining, exploding out of form and manifesting as renewed. Nothing disappears, it just changes form. Every experience you have ever had is a fork in the road. Just like in the movie The Matrix, will you take the blue pill or the red pill? Every moment you will find yourself with choices. You can fall into your automatic thoughts, words, deeds and behaviors or you can take one more step in the direction of finding the real You. The one who can make this life, this world a better place because you are in it. The one who can think a more harmonious reality into existence. The one with heart and compassion that can help erase cruelty, hatred and suffering in the world and the one who can rejoice at the reunion of the real You with your physical one.

As you remember more and more of the real you, manifesting your reality becomes easier and easier, in addition to becoming more and more compelling. So what will you do in concert with the real You? Or, maybe you need more proof that there is a real You that you cannot yet see, feel or sense. What you may not know yet, is you have already been swept up in the tide of self-discovery where you have the choice of shaping your destiny every single moment. The whole Universe is co-operating with you in manifesting through the Law Of Attraction. What will you do with this moment?

Think and Grow Rich


Napoleon Hill wrote one of the most famous classic books on manifesting ever written. If you have not heard of it. I have a copy you can have for free. There is so much information in the book, it is difficult to explain it all in a short post but suffice to say, read it and apply his principles in your life and watch the magic happen.